Vrinda: The unfortunate one

27 01 2009


It is so sad that Vrinda’s birth in the family is considered by all as the reason behind everything that happened to them. We here in California wonder if people out there in India still are superstitious.

No-one has ever celebrated Vrinda’s birthday in all the past years for reasons that have been hidden from all. It was on the day of Vrinda’s birthday that two families had ended their relationship and Parminder had lost her husband.

Vrinda’s birth in the famiy has been believed to be a dark day. So they cringe from celebrating her birthday ‘cos that reminded them of the unfortunate day.

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Armaan, such a mean soul

13 01 2009


While Riddhima worked really hard to cook the finest delicacy for Armaan, Shashank and Armaan dismissed all her efforts by saying the food was full of salt. Poor soul, I so much pity her, for she did deserve a whole bunch of compliments.

It reminded me how everyone loved my food when I was in India but they would just not say it. They loved to annoy me that way. But since the time I have shifted to California, I just don’t cook much and rather use the time for watching Star TV.

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