Yug’s new idea

6 01 2009


I absolutely adore the way Yug comes up with new ideas every time to help the Vrinda’s family whenever they are in a crisis. While Dadabhai was tensed about not being able to sow the seeds in time from lack of machinery, Yug suggested that they could do it the traditional way.

A great idea. Dadabhai absolutely loved the idea. And so did I.

I am keen to see how Indians sowed the fields in olden days. Since I have been living in Californiafor a long-long time, I do not know many things about my homeland. But now with this Direct TV connection, I can see it all on Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajana on Star TV. You can watch all the Indian shows in the US. STAR ONE and STAR PLUS are available in the United States on Dish Network, DirecTV and your local cable provider. Click here for more information. And be sure to call your cable or Dish and Direct dealer and tell them you want STAR Television. All the best programs are on STAR Television and you can watch it anywhere in the United States.




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