Dill Mill Gaye- Save Sanjeevani Concert

28 12 2008


Last episode of Dill Mill Gaye was glamorous and amazing. I was quite eager to see how the “concert” shaped up on Dill Mill Gaye. “Save

Sanjeevani Concert” had created such a huge pre-release hype. It was like some red carpet occasion of Indian small screen. So my family here in California decided to keep the soap as a part of our Christmas celebrations. Whether the young doctors would manage to garner 24 lacs or something even close to that figure is a million dollar question, but the performance they delivered was marvelous.

After we were done with our Christmas carols, we tuned into Star Plus and we were thoroughly entertained. 8 Indian neighbors had called in to join us in our celebrations and they absolutely loved watching Dill Mill Gaye. Almost all Indians here in South California follow DMG quite regularly and towards the end of the party, every body was discussing about the group dance to the tune of “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom”.

You can watch Dill Mill Gaye in the US.  STAR ONE and STAR PLUS are available in the United States on Dish Network, DirecTV and your local cable provider.  Click here for more information. And be sure to call your cable or Dish and Direct dealer and tell them you want STAR Television. Some of the best programs are on STAR Television and you can watch it anywhere in the United States




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